■ 27. Oktober 2022, 20:00 Uhr

Jazz in der Feuerwache - Konzert mit anschließender Jam-Session

Alexandra Ivanova, Lucia Boffo, Or Rozenfeld und Leonardo Gerstner

Alexandra Ivanova, Foto: Iveta Rysava
Alexandra Ivanova, Foto: Iveta Rysava
Lucia Boffo, Foto: Andrea Vargas
Lucia Boffo, Foto: Andrea Vargas
Or Rozenfeld, Foto: privat
Or Rozenfeld, Foto: privat

Jazz in der Feuerwache - Konzert mit anschließender Jam-Session mit Alexandra Ivanova, Lucia Boffo, Or Rozenfeld und Leonardo Gerstner

The four Berlin-based musicians meet in curious empathy around their shared interest for bringing in their diverse ethnic roots into their improvisational style. They will jointly present some of their newest works, including compositions with Argentine roots of vocalist Lucia Boffo, and originals in lulling odd-meters of Alexandra Ivanova and Or Rozenfeld. Spanning jazz, hip-hop, Oriental, Argentinian and Bulgarian folk, they will draw in their diverse backgrounds to express nuances of joy, melancholy or nostalgia - strong and subtle emotions of facing the world in all its facets.

Alexandra Ivanova (p)
Lucia Boffo (voc)
Or Rozenfeld (b)
Leonardo Gerstner (dr)

Alexandra is a pluricultural pianist and composer, born in Austria with Bulgarian roots, and having called France, the Middle East and the Gulf her home. She was classically trained at the piano as a child and is primarily self-taught in jazz, performing with her jazz trios since the age of 16, before she found a mentor in Tarek Yamani at a later stage. Alexandra’s interest lies in polyrhythms, Bulgarian and Maqam-based music in conversation with jazz harmony and Afrocuban claves. Last year, she recorded her debut album “Beauty in Chaos” with her Berlin-based trio, featuring compositions, arrangements and a collaboration with guest artist Lynn Adib – to be released soon. Alexandra has toured Saudi Arabia with her Berlin-based trio and has further performed in the UAE, Austria, Germany, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Iceland, most notably at Reykjavik Jazz Festival 2020. Alexandra has earned scholarships from the Berlin Senate 2022 and the German Music Fund 2021 for her composition work and research. Beyond her music, Alexandra is a hyperpolyglot and graduate of the Paris Institute for Political Sciences (Sciences Po Paris).

Lucia Boffo is born in the southernmost city of Argentina, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, and based in Berlin. Studied Jazz singing at EMPA, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and also taught Jazz Singing at the same school for four years. In Buenos Aires, she has integrated different groups of jazz and original music, with which she has recorded many of these albums for the Argentine record label “El Club del Disco”(ARG), “ Ears&eyes records”(EE.UU), and “Inpartmaint” (JAPAN). With these and other groups, Lucía has participated in Jazz festivals throughout Argentina, Uruguay, and EE.UU.
As a professor, Lucia has also coordinated many Scat and vocal improvisation workshops: in Argentina, Uruguay, and Germany.

Since she moved to Berlin, Lucia has been part of different music projects and performed in Jazz Venues and Festivals. Currently studying at the University of Berlin, UDK, at the Jazz Institut Berlin, and also presenting music from her upcoming album NOMADE. Her music lives in between Jazz, Argentinian folk, and instrumental and experimental music.

Or Rozenfeld ist in Haifa geboren und aufgewachsen. Mit Anfang 20 studierte er an der Universität Haifa Musik. Zu dieser Zeit spielte er ebenfalls in erfolgreichen Rockbands und fing an Bass, zu unterrichten. 2016 zog er nach Berlin und schloss sich mehreren Musikprojekten an. Sein diverser musikalischer Background, der von Rock über Jazz zu orientalischem Folk bis hin zu Klassischer Musik reicht, ermöglichte ihm Zugang zu vielen Projekten. Darunter sind das Babylon Orchestra, Ajam Quartet, WhatsFISH, KAYAN Project sowie einige Jazz und Hip-Hop-Projekte.

Leonardo Gerstner ist ein argentinischer Schlagzeuger aus Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires. Seit 2018 wohnt er in Berlin und studiert am Jazz Institut Berlin. Er ist mittlerweile auch fester Bestandteil der berliner Jazz Szene und darüber hinaus tourt er auch mit verschiedenen Formationen in Europa.
Seit 2019 wird es durch das Deutschlandstipendium gefördert.
Er hat gespielt unter anderem mit : Dave Douglas, Elias Stemeseder, Ludwig Hornung und Valentin Garvie.